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Our Athletics

Our Physical Education classes meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesdays

from 3:00 until 4 p.m. (except on holidays and vacations)

Due to the flexible needs of our families as well as the other Christian school families and homeschool families, we have designed our P.E. classes to encompass more of a

team athletics feel.

Our purpose is to teach students the rules, regulations and fundamental concepts of playing various sports such as softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and track & field. Participation in these events increase and improve student's skills of teamwork, communication, problem solving and athletic ability. Physical activity and exercise is essential to staying physically fit and mentally alert!

At regular intervals, a different sport is introduced, learned and practiced. After several weeks of practice, we meet with other schools in the Mid-States Christian League to compete in tournament-style games. This gives our students the opportunity to apply

the techniques they've learned in a competitive setting.

P.E. is graded subjectively for 4th - 6th grades and traditionally for 7th - 12th grades. Grades are based at 25% each on Participation, Effort, Attitude and Improvement.

Students may be asked to provide their own equipment (ie: softball glove, soccer shin guards).

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