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Our Academics

Bethel utilizes a variety of curriculum to assist our students in becoming well rounded in their education. BCA incorporates A Beka Book, Saxon Math, Shurley English, Alpha Omega and Manhattan Virtual Academy as well as computer programmed learning activities, Bible curriculums and other resources as needed. This wide range enables Bethel to tailor a course of study for each student to ensure a solid academic foundation preparing them for life.

Grading Scale

Bethel uses Traditional and Subjective grading scales dependent on grade level and subject matter. Citizenship is assessed from student behavior, attitude, attentiveness, cooperation, effort, obedience and responsibility.

Presidential Award for Academic Excellence

This award is earned  by students who complete the academic year with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher in their core classes. It is signed by the President of the United States.

Academic Standards

Bethel's goal is to have students meet academic standards through quarterly, semester and term examinations that include oral and written tests, class projects and in other areas of performance. Students shall maintain no less than a 70% grade average in all classes according to their curriculum plan or will be placed on academic probation requiring mandatory tutoring and possible dismissal if progress is not shown.


Bethel prepares every student for higher education through their individual curriculum plan, study and life skills. Curriculum plans for students who plan to attend college will incorporate the Kansas Board of Regents recommended courses.


Tutoring is available for any student, whether they are enrolled in Bethel or not, for all subjects - excluding foreign languages. Additional fees are charged for this service.

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