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Homeschool Options

Many of our students and friends have home schooled before, so we are well aware of the growing number of families who are choosing alternative education. We are also aware that many families who choose to enroll their children in an outside school tend to consider Christian schools a viable alternative.

For this reason, we welcome homeschoolers to participate with Bethel Christian Academy in a variety of ways.

Please Note - These classes are available within our daily class schedule and homeschoolers wishing to participate will have to attend to those scheduled times whatever they may be.

  • Twice weekly P.E. class for $10.00/month plus the cost of uniform and other equipment as needed (ie: softball gloves and shin guards). 4th -12th grade only.

  • Music and Drama Classes including Junior and Senior Choir are just $10.00/month plus one time $5.00 supply fee for scripts or sheet music.

  • Art Classes available for $15.00/month plus a one-time $25.00 supply fee for the year.

  • Homeschoolers can sign up to take individual core subject classes (ala carte) from Bethel during regular school hours for the cost of the book fees and $35.00/month per class fee. 7th-12th grade only.

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